-If your student show any of the above symptoms, the driver has the discretion & responsibility for the well being of others passengers, to refuse transportation and/or entry into the vehicle. If this happens the driver will contact Mi-Bus Transportation management immediately to report the incident

-The driver will squirt hand sanitizer of every passenger hands, prior to them entering the vehicle

- Students grades 4-12, will be required to wear a  mask or other face covering that completely covers the nose & mouth. As per the guidelines set out by the Regina School Boards. Visit reginapublicschools.ca, for more information.

-Drivers will be required to disinfect high touch areas of the vehicle after every school run prior to the next scheduled run

-A seating plan will be enforced, with student from the same address seated together and distance where possible

-Drivers will be logging, which students rode together on each run, for contact tracing, should a passenger on the run test positive for COVID-19

-Drivers are to be wearing masks and/or face shields when greeting others outside the vehicle & when entering a school facility

-Drivers will be required to use rubber gloves & face mask when cleaning or collecting refuge in the vehicle

-Drivers are required to report to management a positive COVID-19 test result or if they were in contact with an infected individual

-Drivers may be quarantined for a minimum time period & could be subject to a COVID-19 test should they be in contact with a suspected case

-Drivers are not to share personal data that may identify any student, should a student on a particular run test positive for COVID-19, management or a school official will contact parents/guardians of possible contact.

-COVID-19 is a highly contagious virus, evidence suggests is readily transmitted by respiratory droplets & contact.

-Transmission via contaminated surfaces poses a greater risk to staff, clients & students

-Individuals who have been infected with COVID-19 virus are able to transmit the virus to others early in their illness

-Individuals who have been infected with COVID-19 virus are able to transmit the virus days before they develop symptoms (pre-symptomatic)

-A smaller proportion of the people develop more severe disease including pneumonia, and with some dying

-People at high risk, include older adults, seniors & people with underlying chronic or immunocompromising medical conditions

-Evidence suggests that COVID-19 causes mild illness in most people (~80%)

COVID-19 will be a new part of our lives going forward and odds are that you may at some point be in contact with the virus. It is your responsibility for the the safe wellbeing of yourself, your family & those you come in contact with, to be proactive to reduce those odds.

​Covid-19 Information

Risk Mitigation

What WE  know 

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Tranportation Policy 

Student Transportation

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-If you start experiencing symptoms, you should self isolate yourself from others immediately & take measures to protect others around you

-If you or your student start to experience symptoms, you may require to be tested. Visit saskatchewan.ca for more information.

-Physical social distancing (maintaining a 2 meter distance from others) is essential & good etiquette

-Cough or sneeze into your arm or tissue & away from others

-Consider completely covering your nose & mouth with a mask or other face covering

-Practice frequent & thorough hygiene, wash your hands with for 20-30 seconds with soup & water, or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer

-Shower or bath when you arrive at home after being out in the public

-There has been some evidence indicating fatigue can compromise your immune system,  take measures to ensure proper sleep 

-There has been some evidence indicating proper nutrition & adding vitamin D & Zinc can help boost your immune system. We encourage you to do your own research & consult with your doctor, on what the right course of action best suits you and your dietary needs.

Return to work & school is necessary part of life & balancing how to do this safely is challenging. If your student or another household member has a immunocompromised medical condition. we encourage you to look into the remote schooling option. Visit reginapublicschool.ca for more information. For the rest of us, we will adjust as needed & navigate this together.  Fallow us on Twitter @MiBus_Regina, for updates.

The provincial government after much consulting with health experts & stake holders, have developed a return to school plan. Information can be found at saskatchewan.ca

Please keep your student home & cancel transportation for your student if they show symptoms of:

-Fever                                -Cough                                -Headache                                -Muscle and/or Joint Aches & Pains

-Sore Throat                      -Chills                                  -Runny Nose                            -Nasal Congestion

-Conjunctivitis                    -Dizziness                           -Fatigue                                    -Nausea/Vomiting

-Diarrhea                           -Shortness of Breath           -Loss of Taste or Smell             -Loss of Appetite (difficulty feeding for children)

-Difficulty Breathing       

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